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UNIMODUS.NET is a global leader in private cheats development that is ran by experienced professionals. We have a team of hand picked and highly skilled developers that focus specifically on their projects and areas of expertise. Unlike other providers, we don't use public code or paste, every line of code is written from scratch by our developers. As a result, we are able to utilize highly sophisticated Polymorphic and Metamorphic code that continuously changes signatures at both compile-time and run-time keeping our cheats undetected.



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    1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheat

      Status: Online
      Supported anti-cheats: logo-easy.png.eb5e2bced1bfc00ec94e9e39df37957c.png5ewin.png.6d07cccb4d7cde9769ea1756460d42e4.pngicon-pheasant-preview-2-268x151.png etc.

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  • CHEATS STATUS (read more)

    CS:GO: Online Undetected
    PUBG: Online Undetected
    R6S: Online Undetected
    FORTNITE: Offline Closed


    CS:GO «Albion League»: 1 65
    PUBG «Berlion»: 41 75
    R6S «Red Fox»: 66 80
    FORTNITE «Cyrus»: -- --

  • Posts

    • Thank.  The problem was solved
    • Hey bro. Your account was renewed 2 days ago and I answered you in PM.  Please give an answer under this post.
    • Hello everyone.
      I bought from you a subscription for 1 month.
      For 3 weeks I used your cheat and after 3 weeks of use the menu stopped working for me. I tried to contact the admin for a long time, but at first he did not answer, and then your site was turned off. On the site it was written that he was on the update. Recently your site has become available again and I received a message that my subscription was again available and renewed due to an update. But for some reason, my premium status is gone. Tell me what to do and where to write, so that I can play again as before)
    • @Joker086 Thank you for the review!
    • Hi guys, So I decided to test a few internal cheats with support Faceit AC recently and came across Unimodus. I immediately did not like that the minimum subscription is 1 month, although I would like to test the cheat first (I would have had a couple of days). But a little thought, I decided to take a chance and take a subscription for 1 month. Cloud Settings: I really liked this aspect of Unimodus  - you edit your configs/settings in your browser AND it is very fast. So a few times in-game i had to quickly tweak my aimbot settings to suit to the enemy team cheaters and everything worked without delay. Aimbot: The aimbot is nice and customisable. If you keep the smooth low, you will be able to land 1-Taps with a Deagle. I tested pistols, rifles and snipers and the aimbot worked great. But if you are faced with cheaters who are semi-raging or raging with an internal cheat, it will be quite difficult to win. I guess that is largely due to the fact that Unimodus is made for "legit cheating". Sound ESP: Works great, you can customise the distance and the pitch etc and you will never be surprised by the enemy. A few times, i accidentally switched off the visual esp but the sound esp saved me. Security: I think the cheat is pretty secure based on the injection method. The injection itself is easy and quite fast compared to other internal cheats which take longer to load.
      Faceit works as well, so you have the Faceit anticheat on your pc, its all good. All in all, I had a good experience with Unimodus and i will most likely return whenever i need a good, secure, legit cheat.