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  1. coolsami

    cheat cs:go review :)

    I found the config here - CLICK
  2. coolsami

    cheat cs:go review :)

    Hey guys, I'm writing a review for CS:GO Albion cheat. First of all, if you're wondering if this site is legit, it is. Their cheats are always up-to-date to the game's latest version. Aimbot 10/10 - They work well for me and there is a lot of settings that you can fiddle with. I always watch my demo and all of my kills look legit (no sudden snapping or sudden switching target). Triggerbot 9/10 - I always use trigger bot whenever I'm sniping. 9 out of 10 times I always hit the enemy. If you want to look more legit you can change the delay setting. ESP 9/10 - Again, a lot of settings you can change. they have ESP for C4 and the grenades too, useful when clutching or calling out a rotate/enemy position. They just works. Others ?/10 - I rarely use some of the features but I can give you my personal opinion on them. Bhop look reaI legit never use skin-changers. If you're here looking for ultra sophisticated rage spinbot hacks, no. But if you want toggle on with legit looking aimbot and triggerbot when you suspect your enemy already did so, this is the hack for you. _______________________ ESP - would be great if you can tweak the 2D box size(make them small instead of changing the side line length) Others - Nice if you can add back show rank feature. PS: English is not my native language