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  1. Recudo

    csgo albion 9/10

    Hello everyone, here is my review on points: Legitbot - 10/10 Visuals - 10/10 Customisability - 10/10 Skinchanger - 9/10 - wish it worked for local GOTV demos, but otherwise it's pretty good. BunnyHop - 10/10 - works the way it's meant, got a circle strafer, also has options to make it look legit. Ragebot - I'm not good enough at HvH to give it a fair, unbiased reply, so for me it's a solid 8/10. Triggerbot - 10/10, fast and accurate. Software stability - 8/10 - once in a while you'll get a crash, and sometimes there's an error about missing assets. Security - 9/10 - so far there were no detections for over a year, Unimodus Albion has also a pretty interesting injection system, never seen one like that before, so additional props for that too. Support and community - 10/10 - A particular cheat with its name starting with the "H" letter has a pretty dumb, retarded community. Unimodus is the polar opposite - kind, helpful, free of imbeciles.