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UNIMODUS.NET is a global leader in private cheats development that is ran by experienced professionals. We have a team of hand picked and highly skilled developers that focus specifically on their projects and areas of expertise. Unlike other providers, we don't use public code or paste, every line of code is written from scratch by our developers. As a result, we are able to utilize highly sophisticated Polymorphic and Metamorphic code that continuously changes signatures at both compile-time and run-time keeping our cheats undetected.

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My review about Unimodus after over 2 month of usage on GamersClub

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So i have been using unimodus albion for well over 2 month now. And i have to say, this cheat is amazing for legit hacking. I have used many other cheat providers and their aimbots isnt the best, i have to say unimodus has one of the best aimbots out there.

The aimbot is one of the best aimbots that i have used based on the customizability. The aimbot requires a lot of testing but when you find the right settings it's very godly.
Score 10/10

The triggerbot also need testing from the player to find the right settings, but when you do i can be deadly. I use Triggerbot for pistols and awps. I must say that the triggerbot on this hack is very good.
Score 9/10

RCS - Recoil Control System:
The recoil control system on this cheat is very good. Sometimes with my build i screws up and makes my crosshairs go down/ is glitchy sometimes. But overall the rcs is very good.
Score 8.5/10

The security is very good compared to other cheat providers. I havent been on GamersCLub banned. This cheat also has faceit mode which supports the non-client version of faceit. But I heard that the unimodus team is trying to bypass FACE IT Client protection and I think they will succeed. Because they are already showing good results!

I recommend this cheat (ALBION) if you're going to playing legit!

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